From monologue to dialogue

From monologue to dialogue

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Friday, Sep 07,2012 8:13 PM

From monologue to dialogue

The digital medium is not one that can be used or leveraged in isolation, but one that supplements ongoing marketing efforts, shared industry experts.

“There is no such thing as a digital CMO; a CMO is a marketer first,” said Vinay Bhatia, Customer Care Associate and Senior Vice President – Marketing and Loyalty, Shopper Stop.

Bhatia took the audience through the digital journey of Shopper Stop, which started with the monologue phase and slowly graduated to having a dialogue with consumers. This awarded the brand increased footfall at its stores.

The retail brand is an interesting example of converting engagement on social media to a direct increase in business. Bhatia shared interesting case studies including the brand’s one million Facebook fan celebration wherein the brand gave Rs 200 discount to fans on Facebook. This activity earned the brand Rs 2 crore business from 10, 000 customers, establishing a direct relation between increase in business and social media engagement – a concept that most marketers across industries are grappling with. Bhatia also urged marketers to have uniform brand communication across all mediums to build brand equity in the long run.

A panel consisting of Vivek Bhargava, CEO, Communicate 2; Nishad Ramchandran, Vice President, Hansa Cequity; Vikas Tandon, Managing Director, Indigo Consulting; and Carlton D’Silva, Chief Creative Officer, Hungama debated over the finer nuances of the role played by agencies in leading digital growth in India . The panel stressed on the importance of involving senior management and getting their ‘buy-in’ for digital investment of brand not only in terms of money but also time and human resources.

It was also stressed upon that it is imperative to develop content especially for the digital platform as opposed to using same content across all mediums. This is necessary to move up the digital medium from the bottom of the pecking order.

P Krishna Kumar, Executive Director, Dell shared some interesting insights and cited a case study of Dell’s backlit laptops wherein the brand had used feedback received on social media to modify its products. The brand engages in 25,000 conversations with consumers on a daily basis. ‘Listen, Learn, Engage and Act’ was Kumar’s advice to fellow marketers.

There is no question of traditional media versus new media. What is the order of the day is integration of both. This will help marketers and agencies earn an adequate return on their investment and truly nurture growth of this promising medium.

The above discussion took place at Digital CMO Summit held by WATblog.

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