Foster’s ‘Art of Chilling’ for ‘F’ row viewers at Inox theatres

Foster’s ‘Art of Chilling’ for ‘F’ row viewers at Inox theatres

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Jul 05,2010 8:49 AM

Foster’s ‘Art of Chilling’ for ‘F’ row viewers at Inox theatres

Considering that alcoholic beverages have too many restrictions while advertising in India, this compels the companies to think out of the box to communicate. Foster’s, the premium beer brand, has been trying to reach out to its consumers with its innovative and ‘international standard’ communication, and this time has come up with the ‘F-row’ initiative.

As part of this initiative, Foster’s has tied up with all Inox theatres in Bangalore, wherein the ‘F’ row across all the theatres would be branded Foster’s and the ‘F’ row ticket holders would be entitled to special benefits and surprises.

Talking about the initiative, Derek, Director - Marketing, SAB Miller, India, said, “The brand Foster’s is positioned around relaxation and has been using the creative platform of ‘Art of Chilling’. Movie viewing is about relaxation and chilling out, and this initiative is a perfect fit for our brand.”

He added, “This association will run for around two months, during which we also intend to take it to Mumbai. We believe this is a strong property and we are looking at taking forward the ‘F-row’ initiative to other environment.”

With this initiative, the company hopes to further strengthen the brand recall for Foster’s. Also, staying true to the brand positioning of ‘Art of Chilling’, Foster’s will also have a stall in the refreshment area where people can get their feet massaged as part of the ‘F-row’ initiative.

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