Fizzical Facts: Coke claims 60% mkt share in India

Fizzical Facts: Coke claims 60% mkt share in India

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Friday, Aug 05,2005 7:53 AM

Fizzical Facts: Coke claims 60% mkt share in India

A good part of the cola season is over and July-end is the time for stock taking in the board rooms of cola majors. While Pepsi is visibly shy this year as it refused to disclose its marketshare figures, Coca-Cola said it maintained its position as the largest selling brand in India's carbonated soft drink (CSD) space with a market share of over 60%.

By that yardstick, Pepsi would have a market share of around 36-37% this year. The smaller regional brands account for about 1 %. While ORG carries out the marketshare survey for Coca-Cola, IMRB does it for Pepsi. They have not yet agreed on a common market share survey for both brands.

“Our market share at the moment stands at 61%,” a Coca-Cola India official told ET. When contacted, PepsiCo India officials refused to give out any figures, but claimed sales have witnessed double-digit growth in terms of value. They attributed the growth to aggressive expansion of portfolio and cutting edge market practices.

According to a survey conducted by RSA ORG in 2004, Coca-Cola India had a market share of 60.9% as against PepsiCo India's share of 36%.

Commenting on the growth pattern of their brands in India over the last few years, a Coca-Cola official said that the Sprite brand has been the fastest growing CSD brand in the country, with its sales volumes in the first six months of 2005 being almost equal to the full year sales of 2003.

As per the RSA ORG survey, the market share of Sprite was 12.2% as against 7-Up's share of 5.2% in May 2005.

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