Five mistakes marketers make, according to Thomas Barta

Five mistakes marketers make, according to Thomas Barta

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Thursday, Jun 29,2017 8:17 AM

Five mistakes marketers make, according to Thomas Barta

Thomas Barta, Marketing Leadership Pioneer and Author,  ‘The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader’,  tells us about five mistakes marketers make , which includes non -acceptance of being revenue generators, thinking it is enough to ‘just’ do marketing and more…………

1. Think it is enough to do Marketing

Marketers today think it is enough to do marketing, but it is not, you can be a great marketer and have fantastic segmentation but many marketers forget that they have a whole other job, which is thinking about the company, they forget what their company is actually going through. What is really bothering the CEO.  Doing Marketing is not good enough; you need to know and understand what is keeping your CEO up at night, and be in the actual value creation zone.

2. Non-acceptance that marketers are in the revenue camp

The second thing that marketers do wrong is that they  believe they are not in the revenue camp, many marketers are not seen as revenue generators,  or drivers of profit. You as a CMO, need to be clear and state ‘here is why what we do makes sense for the company’s profit.’

The reasons why marketers are not seen as revenue generators is because either they don’t take responsibility for it nor the effort to showcase how their efforts are leading to the company’s revenue growth.

3.  Marketers need to hit the head and the heart

As marketers, we underestimate that our colleagues don’t want to change, don’t want to shift budgets or try new ideas.  You can have the best marketing campaigns but if your colleagues are not on the same wavelength it won’t work, United Airlines is a classic example of this.

You need to have a rational story, and your colleagues need to believe in that story. Marketers forget they need to hit both the head and the heart, you have to give hope to people as marketers, you need a story to tell people, to get their ‘buy in’ and collaborate with internal stakeholders as well.

4. Be the drivers of change; get out of the office

The fourth factor that marketers forget is that in order to drive change you have to be out of the office.  You cannot drive change by staying in office and through email. You have to get out there and get the discussion going. As marketers you must spread the ideas to the roots of the organisation and talk to people. Go out with your ideas and you will get many more ideas. We as marketers have to remind ourselves that to drive change we have to be the drivers of change.

5. Inspiration

The fifth factor that marketers forget is our ‘own inspiration’ is our biggest weapon, we have the power to inspire people, for that you have to believe in your idea and be inspired by it yourself. Marketers have to show what they are burning for. People need to see the fire in your eyes.

If we get all this right then we become powerful as marketers.

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