Exclusive tea retail chain 'Passion Tea' launched in Delhi

Exclusive tea retail chain 'Passion Tea' launched in Delhi

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Friday, Feb 25,2005 8:49 AM

Exclusive tea retail chain 'Passion Tea' launched in Delhi

Tea lovers are in for a surprise. The Capital will now witness the very first exclusive outlet of tea. Gunjan Jindal of Rs 500-crore Jindal Photo Ltd has launched an exclusive tea retail chain - Passion Tea - with the tag line 'My Cup of Tea'.

Said Gunjan Jindal, promoter of Passion Tea Pvt Ltd., "We are banking on the first mover advantage so are not really worried about competition from coffee chains. We're targeting college goers, young professionals and of course tea lovers. Our main publicity will be through word of mouth."

The first outlet is all set to function at Basant Lok complex, Vasant Vihar, while the second outlet will open in Saket, PVR Complex in a few months time. "Both the chosen locations are at the heart of the capital. We shall draw our learning from these two outlets since this is a foray into a new territory that we are confident offers great potential. We are strategising to set up the country's first chain of trendy quick service tea cafes and plan promotion via the franchise route," said Jindal.

At the 1500 sq.ft. outlet at Vasant Vihar, one can have hazelnut and almond chai, choco mint chai or mixed fruit sangria. And for those yearning for classics the menu, include Chai garam, and masala chai with samosas on the side. There are other specialities of Frappateas like iced tea lattes blended with milk and ice and juice tea blends. The gourmet specialities include T-Champagne, Sencha and Black Assam, all at good value for money prices.

With a price starting from Rs 25, 'My Cup of Tea' will have drinks ranging from black tea, chai, chai frappe, tea liquor, iced tea, juiced tea, tea shots, ice blended chai frappe and cream blended chai frappe. The outlet will be open from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm.

"We are aiming to bring a unique handshake with the world of tea - a blend of the classic and contemporary, in an atmosphere that is youthful. Passion offers an array of classic, exotic and quirky concoctions of teas sourced from plantations within India and overseas. Our brand name - Passion Tea - itself reflects the values we have as a company. We have a passion for our people and product, which is core colour to success," said Jindal.

With a well thought out strategy, this endeavour is all set to give coffee outlets a run for their money.

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