Electronic Youth Media Group launches youth marketing and communications arm

Electronic Youth Media Group launches youth marketing and communications arm

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Aug 04,2009 8:04 AM

Electronic Youth Media Group launches youth marketing and communications arm

The Electronic Youth Media Group officially launched its youth marketing and communications arm, Concrea Communications, on August 3, 2009. Concrea Communications is aimed at helping brands and media planners get better insight into the various aspects of the diverse ‘young’ India.

In an exclusive conversation with exchange4media, Samyak S Chakrabarty, Managing Director, Electronic Youth Media Group, said, “By 2012, India will be the youngest country in the world. Young India could potentially be one of the most lucrative markets, and thus it is very important for brands and strategists to understand the likes, dislikes, mindsets, trigger points, behavioural aspects, life patterns, relationships, etc., of our youth in order to formulate the most effective outreach strategy.”

“Being a young company with a youthful and enthusiastic team, we aim to be a platform for media agencies, brands and research companies to reach out at the grassroot level in order to get a deeper understanding into this diverse and ever-evolving target market,” he added.

According to Concrea Communications, youth cannot be contained or generalised into a single category. Since within the youth itself there are various classifications, Concrea Communications has built a ‘Youth Marketing Tool’ that studies the various segments within the youth all across India for a more qualitative understanding.

Waridhi Joshi, CEO, Concrea Communications, explained, “One of the latest tasks for the tool has been to understand who the trendsetters for fashion and lifestyle products within campuses are. For brands in this segment, it is crucial to know what or who encourages youngsters to make a purchase. We found that it was, in fact, the peer group head that was the most effective brand ambassador and not the celebrity who endorses the product.”

The current sets of clients within six months of operations include Yuva, I2IT, V-Kool India, Priyadarshni Academy, Youth Portal, The Indian Youth Conclave, and WFUNA.

Some of the other services that Concrea Communications offers include rural youth marketing, market scan, product innovation, dipstick (test marketing for to-be-launched products meant for young users), idea incubation, brand analysis, content management and design.

“Our student transmitter model was recently used to derive an understanding of how effective sales-oriented advertising is on popular networks. The results would definitely change digital media budgets for many,” added Chakrabarty.

The Electronic Youth Media Group is also gearing up for the launch of a website – youthportal.in – on August 15 that aims to utilise the fullest potential of the Internet and new media for social change in the field of activism, politics, entrepreneurship amongst its initiatives. With features such as e-organisations, actions groups, square tables the portal aims to bring young India from various political idealogies, regions, segments and mindsets on a common platform for ‘productive networking’.

Electronic Youth Media was founded in 2006 by Samyak S Chakrabarty, who was one of India’s youngest media CEOs at the age of 18, along with two of his college mates, Vatsal Thakkar and Bhavyash Agarwal. The previous years were spent in research and development for the youth portal and Concrea. As an exercise, the Electronic Youth Media team constantly keeps a physical track of blogged content and dialogues on social networks for keeping a track on changing trends.

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