Electrolux to focus more on print communication in strategic marketing shift

Electrolux to focus more on print communication in strategic marketing shift

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Monday, May 02,2005 7:44 AM

Electrolux to focus more on print communication in strategic marketing shift

With the onset of summer, Electrolux Kelvinator, the Indian subsidiary of the $17-billion AB Electrolux of Sweden, has embarked on a different marketing strategy this summer that focuses more on print communication than the electronic media.

According to Ajay Kapila, VP-Sales and Marketing, Electrolux, there was a heavy skew towards electronic media in the first year of the launch of the brand "as our prime objective was to communicate the brand image and brand value to customers."

"Electrolux was probably the largest spender in electronic media, with total ad spends being close to Rs 45 crore. But this year the business strategy is to leverage the image and brand equity which has been built last year with more emphasis on print communication," he said.

Kapila however pointed out that that it doesn't mean that there is a complete skew towards print medium. "As we invested heavily in the electronic media till late last year, for a few months this time we will focus mainly on print as there are a lot of product and technical messages that we need to communicate to our consumers. We had a dominating presence with electronic medium but imparting practical information is also very important," he said, adding that after a few months "we will come back on the electronic media strongly.

On being asked why the company has been averse to outdoor advertising, Kapila said, "The brand will see a lot of action as far as below-the-line activities are concerned. However, being a new brand, we are not yet ready for outdoor advertising. We are entering into new categories in addition to introducing new technologies and we do not want to enter a reminder medium till we have exhausted our information medium opportunities."

The company also has some big strategic plans for this summer. "We are targeting a 30 per cent growth in revenue this year with new product launches. New models and technologies are being introduced in washing machines, kitchen products, floor cleaner, air-conditioners and microwave category. For instance, we have brought in a new range of technically advanced refrigerators. We have introduced combo schemes and as a promotional activity for air-conditioners, we are offering vacation schemes with the product and so on," said Kapila.

The new strategies are in line with the company's efforts at reinforcing its image as a provider of the entire range of home appliances rather than being just a refrigerator manufacturer.

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