EIKONA Connect: Corporate HR increasingly depending on PR for healthy ROI

EIKONA Connect: Corporate HR increasingly depending on PR for healthy ROI

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Mar 16,2016 7:57 AM

EIKONA Connect: Corporate HR increasingly depending on PR for healthy ROI and Eikona, the Neutral, Earned Media Planning, Audit & Advisory Service, jointly bring to you an infographic fortnightly series called EIKONA connect. This series will focus on quick interesting nuggets of PR/Earned Media Trends and dynamics faced by the Professionals of Corporate Communications & PR Firms. The objective is to create and inculcate informed opinion about PR and aid towards Scientific Decision Making Process.

It is not just the Corporate and Marketing teams who need communication push. Human Resource (HR) too figures among the top functions which depend on heavy duty communications. More so, if employee attraction and sustenance are the two basic objectives of HR Management. Corporates are increasingly showing dependence on Public Relations and they are realizing that Public Relations is fetching them far higher ROI than any other form of Communication.

Across sectors, HR departments of Corporates are working very closely with their top management and communications team to devise strategic PR Campaigns, both for attraction and retention of talent. HR function is no longer restricted to be a clerical pay check department but a custodian of Corporate Brand Reputation.

If you look at the Eikona data for 2013-2015, it clearly signifies a growth in HR push through Public Relations by Corporates across the Top 15 industry verticals (by volumes in Print).

The year 2015 grew by 38% over 2014, whereas 2014 grew by 23% over the previous year.

Many Corporates are actually correlating their PR efforts with attraction and sustenance figures maintained by the HR department.

Interestingly, this observation becomes very handy in the wake of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” initiative, which is actually about localized entrepreneurship. Well planned Public Relations can actually not only deliver very effective attraction of local talent and entrepreneurs, but also do the much needed job of sustaining their interest and momentum in this long journey.

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