Digital is the way to success: Martin Da Costa

Digital is the way to success: Martin Da Costa

Author | Deepa Balasubramanian | Monday, Jul 30,2012 8:48 PM

Digital is the way to success: Martin Da Costa

Martin Da Costa, CEO, Seventy Event Media Group, stresses on building client servicing resources to cater to last minute changes from marketers.

Speaking on the growing importance of digital, Da Costa said, “Content is the king and Internet is about the stories that touch, move and inspire. In five years from now, we would have a generation of consumers who will understand only digital and will get digital all the time.”

According to him, the growth of the events industry will get defined by the challenges that the industry faces and also the way the industry addresses those challenges. He called corruption, political lunacy, infrastructure, and platform as some of the biggest roadblocks for events industry.

Da Costa’s grouse against clients were many, including they steal ideas, leave everything to the last moment, do not pay for innovation nor do they encourage the industry. But at the same time he said that since Event Management is an emerging industry with varying output, blaming clients would not be the right thing.

On his success mantras for the events industry, Da Costa said, “Get specialised and focussed. Second, provide RoI on every event you do. Provide data taken from all the media possible and the growth will happen here. Third, engage directly with consumers with your own vision. Create magic and your own properties and let clients become a part of it. Lastly, respect yourself and learn to say no. It’s better than being played like a broken piano.”

He observed, “We are virgins when it comes to live entertainment and called for the industry to invest in the country, their stories and time. “Stay quick and ruthless. Think of new ideas always,” was his advice.

Da Costa noted that the events industry is growing at a frantic pace, hence getting fresh blood and the younger generation will be the best idea. He stressed on reading, educating, learning, travelling, finding business and applying all the thinking for growth.

Martin Da Costa was speaking at the fifth annual convention of Events and Experiential Marketing Association (EEMA) – EEMAGINE 2012. The convention is being held in New Delhi over three days – July 28, 29, 30.

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