Deccan Chronicle Interactive to create comprehensive repository of MF Hussain’s works

Deccan Chronicle Interactive to create comprehensive repository of MF Hussain’s works

Author | Gokul Krishnamurthy | Saturday, Jul 30,2005 8:19 AM

Deccan Chronicle Interactive to create comprehensive repository of MF Hussain’s works

Deccan Chronicle Interactive (DCI), a part of the Hyderabad-based Deccan Chronicle Group, has bagged the prestigious assignment of restoring and archiving all the works of renowned painter M F Hussain.

The final repository is expected to be in a DVD format and will be presented in a phased manner. The agency will also aid in the creative presentation of the final repository.

Speaking to exchange4media, Vijay Marur, CEO, DC Interactive, said, “Hussain’s works have been fragmented and distributed all over the world, and are available in a variety of forms. Our job includes cleaning up and improving the quality of works where necessary and helping out with the presentation of the product in a final digital format.”

DCI has previously handled the restoration work for its group’s daily publication, the Deccan Chronicle, starting with its editions from 1938, when the daily was launched. Marur has been personally involved in the restoration of photographs for the last five years.

Explaining the procedure, Marur said, “Using 3D imaging, we want to see if we can recreate images. The shift from 2D to 3D can lend life to your great grandfather’s picture and present him as he was. That is what we are seeking to do through modeling. The challenge is to convert the memory or the picture into a 3D format.”

While the entire Hussain project will take one-and-a-half to two years for DCI to complete, that is only for the material that DCI has on hand. Even as DCI is now faced with hours and hours of footage of the master artist, Marur felt that this was probably only 30 per cent of the total works of M F Hussain – with most of his earlier works being scattered across the world.

The works would include Hussain’s films, paintings, music and everything else created by him. All the works would now be brought into a common digital format, which would be readable and accessible by most. Marur indicated that in all probability, this would be in a DVD format, employing mutli-media and 3D modeling.

Perhaps the most important takeout of the entire exercise will be that a viewer of the work will be able to ride on a journey along with the artist Hussain since his early days. DCI would help creatively present the final products.

With the work being reproducible on a digital format, and likely to be released in phases, one can perhaps dig into the genre of works of the Indian genius that they love most. It is still not known how the final repository will be made available in the market. The intent as of now is to make it available to art students through museums across the world, but art lovers will agree that it would be a crime to not share it with the rest!

This isn’t the first time DCI has worked with M F Hussain. At a recent show in Dubai, the artist exhibited a multi-media presentation of his work by the agency. He is also likely to engage the agency for another forthcoming show.

“The scope is so huge that honestly we are confused. But we’re doing it and starting off because its such a prestigious assignment and we are delighted to be working on the great man’s work,” Marur said.

M F Hussain’s daughter-in-law, Najma Hussain, has taken it upon herself to execute the project.

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