DDB Mudra Group launches TracyLocke in India

DDB Mudra Group launches TracyLocke in India

Author | Priyanka Nair | Wednesday, Feb 29,2012 9:37 AM

DDB Mudra Group launches TracyLocke in India

DDB Mudra Group has announced the entry of TracyLocke, one of the leading shopper marketing agencies into India. TracyLocke, part of the DDB Worldwide Network, will fit into the DDB Mudra Group in partnership with MudraMax, which focuses on engagement and experiential marketing. 

While TracyLocke India will be managed by Pratap Bose, Chief Operating Officer, DDB Mudra Group in its inception stage, the company will announce a head for the agency in a month’s time.

TracyLocke’s entry in India is a gateway for the agency to enter in the Asia market. TracyLocke’s roster of clients include some of the best brands in the world such as HP, T-Mobile, Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, Gatorade, Tropicana, PepsiCo, Sony and Unilever’s Lipton.

In today’s digitally-fueled, fragmented, ever-evolving marketplace, brands must now reframe how they reach their target audience and drive revenue. It’s about meaningful engagement that produces measurable results. According to Jim Sexton, Global Chief Marketing Officer of TracyLocke, ‘If you didn’t measure, it didn’t happen.’

Commenting on the launch of TracyLocke in India, he further added, “Once we saw the level of retail expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the India consumer and shopper at DDB MudraMax, we knew we had the perfect fit. We look forward to delivering to our clients a unique brand of shopper marketing relevant to each segment of the Indian market. Additionally, we hope to share proprietary marketing tools that we can take from India to the rest of the world.”

As e-commerce has taken off really well in India, Sexton looks at this key development as an opportunity under brand shopper marketing service umbrella. He mentions that, “It is interesting to note the changes in the decision power of purchasing various products in e-shops. Many product categories thus, have shown very good interest and need different kind of attention in the e-commerce space. We certainly look it at as a potential area to explore. “

Talking about the scope of shopper marketing in modern trade in India, Pratap Bose, Chief Operating Officer DDB Mudra Group points out, “Shopper marketing has the power to reach the consumers and influence their purchasing decision instantly. The concept of ‘Brand to retail’ has thus reached a good level sophistication and implementation. This is one of the reasons why one can get modern trade ROI results immediately. With the entry of TracyLocke complements the DDB MudraMax “feet-on-the-street” strengths and given our huge footprint in India, I believe that the TracyLocke India model will certainly add huge value to both our global and retail brands.”

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