Dabur Foods plans new initiatives for its juice brands

Dabur Foods plans new initiatives for its juice brands

Author | Malini Menon | Tuesday, Mar 22,2005 7:29 AM

Dabur Foods plans new initiatives for its juice brands

For Dabur Foods, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Dabur India, beverage market will remain the core area of focus. The company is planning on new initiatives for its juice brands -Real, Real Activ and Real Junior.

Amit Burman, CEO, Dabur Foods, said, "We are planning to relaunch Real Junior by the end of this summer. We realised that most mothers haven't really identified the difference between the Junior and the 200 ml pack. Therefore, we are going to conduct some research, change the formulation and come back with a different avatar of Real Junior."

Burman said that Dabur Foods is also going to boost Real and Activ. Real has seen 45 per cent growth, while Activ is growing at 70 per cent, he said, adding, "Next year we plan to achieve Rs 110 crore with Real." In both the products, new variants are going to be introduced. "In Activ, we are introducing new variants that would constitute a combination of fruits and vegetables. The Orange-Carrot variant has done extremely well and so we are looking at more such combinations. This would be available to the consumers by the end of this month."

Asked if they are rethinking their marketing strategy on Coolers, he said, "It is too early to revise the strategy. The launch happened in August and we are waiting to complete the summer. Then we will analyse whether we need to rethink the strategy or keep it the same." Interestingly, the company has an aggressive target for Coolers. "This year we are looking at Rs 7 to 8 crore and for the next year we have a target of around Rs 20 crore."

The company has no plan to explore the ready-to-eat segment as of now and intends to put in more attention on the beverages market. Unlike ITC foods, which recently introduced conserves, Dabur Foods does not find it a lucrative option. "Conserves is hardly a Rs 20 to 25 crore market whereas a beverage market, if you put in Pepsi, Coke, Frooti etc, the size is over Rs 1,500 crore and we can replace a lot of offerings there with the right products and the right target," said Burman.

To enhance the growth of beverages, there is going to be massive advertising too. "Our promotional strategy is going to be to advertise the product, give it a longer shelf life, get the trials up, initiate more on the ground promotions for Real and Activ," he said. There are new television commercial lined up for both Real and Real Activ.

Dabur Foods is now contributing 10 per cent to Dabur India's net sales and has grown in the last quarter by around 45 per cent. The company plans to achieve the same growth next year, said Burman.

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