Dabur Foods launches ‘Coolers’ with an ad budget of over Rs 4 crore

Dabur Foods launches ‘Coolers’ with an ad budget of over Rs 4 crore

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, May 13,2006 7:07 AM

Dabur Foods launches ‘Coolers’ with an ad budget of over Rs 4 crore

What better time to hit the market when the prevailing heat wave is creating parched throats all around. Dabur Foods has provided a refreshing break from the heat with the launch of ‘Coolers’, available in aampanna, water melon-mint, lemon barley and rose-litchi flavours. The company has also lined up marketing initiatives to back up its latest launch.

Said Sanjay Sharma, General Manager-Sales & Marketing, Dabur Foods, “The ad budget is over Rs 4 crore for this year. Our focus would be on print and below the line activities. The print campaign broke last week and yesterday it broke on radio. We are targeting all the main dailies and magazines. The radio commercial broke on Radio Mirchi, Red FM and Radio City. We are doing sampling activities in the top 16 cities as I feel that success lies in tasting the product. The campaign would continue till the yearend.”

Sharma further added that with Coolers, Dabur is targeting the “young youth and the young adult” who spend their time outside at work or study. “These coolers are ideal for summer as they quench people’s thirst and keep them refreshed throughout the day,” he said.

He explained that the objective of the brand campaign is to convey that the fruits help cool you from inside. They have ornaments in them, which are good for health. “With the launch of Coolers, housewives don’t have to make Aampanna at home. It makes the housewife’s life simple and easy,” Sharma said.

As part of its below the line activities, Dabur Foods is organising the ‘Real Activ Fastest Serve Contest’. The contest aims to find the fastest tennis server in the country. The contest will be held in Delhi (May 14), Mumbai (May 21) and Bangalore (May 27). The fastest server in each city will win a six-week scholarship at the Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy in their respective city. Depending on the response it receives, the company plans to extend the contest to other cities.

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