CTV companies bullish with Diwali sales

CTV companies bullish with Diwali sales

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Nov 16,2004 7:32 AM

CTV companies bullish with Diwali sales

Diwali 2004 has brought cheers for some CTV manufacturers. Mirc Electronics has recently sold 2.5 lakh ‘Onida’ CTVs. Videocon Group of Companies chairman VN Dhoot said: “Videocon International has sold three lakh CTVs this Diwali compared to two lakh units sold during the previous corresponding period. And because of this Videocon has witnessed 50% increase in sales turnover this Diwali.”

According to Mirc Electronics CEO GS Sundar, “We recently relaunched a sequel to the famed ‘Onida Devil’ campaign to aggressively push the entire range of products in 2004. Secondly, we are in the process of widening distribution reach of ‘Ego’ sub-brand into smaller towns from 5,000 to 8,000 and with the move, we have been able to sell significant volumes of Ego CTVs. Besides, our recently launched two new Onida woofer models have taken off well.”

Further, Mr Sundar informed that Mirc Electronics has been able to meet its target of selling one lakh DVDs, 15,000 washing machines and 3,000 ACs. “In order to trigger more consumer purchase, we have launched heavy in-shop merchandising with the new devil where cut-outs of the new devil with ‘I knew you would come’ will be displayed at all its existing retail outlets.

According to Mr Sundar: “We are also planning to double our export capacity for Onida CTVs from 50,000 to one lakh units in 2005. To achieve the objective, we have recently appointed 40 new distributors in Russia to handle the international marketing operations. In 2005, plans are on the anvil to foray into Dubai and implement export of ‘Onida’ CTVs. Within a year, we hope to garner a marketshare of 5% in the international market for CTVs.”

Said Akai Consumer Electronics India Ltd director (sales and marketing) Basanth Pande: “Even though we had hiked prices of Akai CTVs, we have achieved 15% sales growth of Akai CTVs this Diwali compared to the previous Diwali. We have been able to meet our expected target this Diwali.”

Market Search India Pvt Ltd CEO Sundar rajan said: “There is robust growth in the rural economy this Diwali, whereas the urban market is getting saturated. This is because late monsoons have provided a boost to the rural economy wherein CTV makers should witness jump in sales growth. Another festive season round of sales towards December 2004 is awaited which should prove to be yet another good season for CTV makers.”

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