Corporate India, bollywood get their act together

Corporate India, bollywood get their act together

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Saturday, May 20,2006 7:08 AM

Corporate India, bollywood get their act together

Perhaps '06 will be the season of corporate tie-ups in Bollywood. Whether it's the recent Da Vinci Code & ABN AMRO tie-up or the Yamaha & Taxi 9211 tie-up - it looks like the perfect marriage between brands and movies. All thanks to corporates willingness to associate themselves with movies.

This sudden spurt corporates tie-ups is attributed to marketers rush to cut through the clutter of traditional media. “It's no brainer. Cricket and movies provides maximum eyeballs to a marketer.

Tying up with movies has emerged as a perfect alternative since the buzz cuts across all consumer segments. Who's not interested in stories and gossips about new releases,” says Ajay Mehta, director of Interactive Television. The company has been the key player behind many brand and movie marketing deals.

Interactive Television has successfully shaped 18 corporate movie tie-ups in the past five months.

While ABN AMRO has been the first bank to tie up with Da Vinci Code, Yamaha Motor is perhaps the first motorcycle maker to use movies as a marketing medium by tying up with Ramesh Sippy's Taxi 9211.

“We entered into this for two reasons - firstly, John Abhram, our brand ambassador, was playing the lead role in film. Secondly, because movies are a cost effective way to advertise,” said Atul Gupta, associate vice-president, sales and marketing at Yamaha Motor.

Movies also are waking up to the potential of marketing. Traditionally, a Bollywood movie use to allocate just 10% of its budgets for marketing and promotional efforts.

However, the lure of grand opening week has now forced many movie makers to change their thinking and get more attuned to the power of well-known brands. “Almost 40% of our production budget for Rang De Basanti was spent on marketing and publicity.

And the money came by allowing corporates to place their brand in the film,” said Ronnie Screwvala, chief executive officer, UTV.

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