Cool gadget, no clue how to use it

Cool gadget, no clue how to use it

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Friday, Jul 28,2006 7:39 AM

Cool gadget, no clue how to use it

As much as the technology toys fascinate people, users across the world are cautious of new gadgets. Besides, almost half of us think that new technology looks cool even if we are clueless about how to play with it.

This was the finding of an independent global survey by market research company Synovate, on the use of technology among 5,500 respondents in 10 countries, including India. It says that while gadgets like mobile phones are indispensable, about 25% of the respondents claimed that they could live without any of their high-tech toys.

Respondents under the age of 35 years are the most attached to gadgets and other electronic devices like DVDs or MP3 players. When faced with a choice of gadgets, buyers are evenly split between going in for a known brand name (27%) and price and ease of use (28%). Ease of use is a priority among buyers in China.

However, 54% of the Indians surveyed preferred brand name over ease of use. The survey includes respondents in India, China, Canada, France, Hungary, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Taiwan and Thailand who were asked about their attitude towards the latest technological devices.

The sample comprised educated, chief wage earners, residing in major metros. Having the latest gadget is important to a large majority of people. And across all countries, 45% respondents said they could not live without their mobile phones. Laptops are the next most indispensable piece of technology across the sample, followed by plasma and LCD TVs.

Says Alok Shanker, managing director, Synovate India, “Across all markets surveyed, Indians were found to be most brand conscious of the tech gadget they tote. And of course, 'price' plays a major role in the decision making process.” On the other hand Canadians are the most blase about technology, with 52% saying that they could live without any of their high-tech gadgets.

When it comes to explaining technology, more men then women explain the nuances of the gadget to their partner, friends and family (50% versus 30%). The boys also spend a lot more time learning about new technology developments (41% versus 27%). Though, that is, only till they turn 45-years-old.

Past that age, majority of the respondents shift from being the ones explaining new technology to needing their partner, friend or family member to show them how to use the latest gizmo.

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