Consumer is the king when it comes to building brands

Consumer is the king when it comes to building brands

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Oct 22,2004 9:29 AM

Consumer is the king when it comes to building brands

“Create a memorable experience for consumers. For this, integrate all marketing techniques across different channels. And then, create an ambience around the brand at retail outlets,” said Pradeep Gidwani, managing director, Fosters at the ‘Retailscape’ seminar organised by the Star Solutions Merchandising Pvt Ltd in Mumbai.

Citing the success of Tequila, a Mexican brand Mr Gidwani said that it’s the total experience of the brand that really counts anywhere in the world. “Our brand is not a fashion brand yet we created an ambience for it at life style stores and fashion shows. Experiential marketing at retail outlets plays a vital role in building brands,” he added.

Sharing similar views, Rajesh Srivastava, president, JK Helene Curtis Ltd, stated that marketers should build brands with consumer experiences. Realising the significance of experiential marketing techniques, Indian marketeers are now increasing their budget for ‘below-the-line’ activities, according to Mr Srivastava. “Customer is the king. Follow him where ever he goes. With 360 degree marketing, create a total brand experience for him. Create an amicable ambinece at retail outlets too. I think personal interaction with consumers also help in building greate brands,” he added.

Announcing the launch of ‘Spar Solutions’, Srikant Sastri, managing director of Spar Solutions said: “Today, marketers are increasignly aware that mass media reaches only 58% of consumers. At the same time, marketers are also seeking to go beyond the traditonal distribution paradigm of merely ensuring availability to experiential marketing at the point of purchase.

“Incidentally, Spar Group Inc which is based in New York has signed a MoU with India’s Solutions Integrted Marketing services to launch Spar Solutions.

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