Consumer insights still rule, no matter how advanced technology is: Mike Amour

Consumer insights still rule, no matter how advanced technology is: Mike Amour

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Oct 09,2015 8:04 AM

Consumer insights still rule, no matter how advanced technology is: Mike Amour

Mike Amour, President APAC, Starcom MediaVest Group spoke on the topic ‘Exploring and Exploding a Few Myths about Technology in Marketing’ at the 15th edition of the Exchange4media Conclave, which took place in Mumbai on last night. The session was moderated by Sam Balsara, CMD, Madison World.

He started the conversation by saying that each country is developing at a very different speed and there is a different rate of technology adoption by marketers. Here also lies a huge opportunity for marketers to capitalise on it. It can be a thrilling as well as a terrifying moment for some. Earlier marketing was all about traditional offline media but today, it stands for traditional offline media along with a whole other world which one needs to cater to. Depending on your page, it can either be pretty exciting or pretty daunting.

Amour pointed, “There are companies which didn’t even exist two years ago, but today, they have completely disrupted the industry. There is a lot of chatter happening in the media today and therefore, there is a need to keep it simple. Consumers are moving faster and brands need to keep up with it. The truth is insights still rule, no matter how advanced the technology is, you need to generate audience insights. The mantra is to follow your customers, if you see your customers shifting platforms, you also do so. Consumer has to be in the centre of everything. The best content therefore, is always precise and personalised.”

He further went on to highlight the importance of mobile and Big Data in the marketing journey. Mobile is a very powerful device, even though few consumers have reservation about purchasing on a mobile, but one should ideally create experiences on all the touch points. Marketers develop a better understanding of consumers, by collecting data. But if a company is not collecting data, it is a truly waste of resource. Thus, precise content + cross screen engagement + power of imagery = winning combination.

Amour busted few myths about technology in marketing and went on to present the reality versions to it as well:
1. Myth: This tech world is just too hard
Reality: Find a partner who can help simplify

2. Myth: It is all about audiences and click
Reality: It is (still) about insights

3. Myth: I MUST be digital
Reality: I need to be media agnostic

4. Myth: It is enough to be ‘real time’
Reality: Consumers must be at the centre

5. Myth: I need Big Data
Reality: I need to organise data around people

6. Myth: Creativity /Technology which comes first?
Reality: It is not by OR anymore, it is about ‘and’ & ‘and’

7. Myth: Mobile and social
Reality: They accelerate to deliver relevancy

8. Myth: I am first to market/market leader
Reality: Transform or die


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