Coke to ape Pepsi TV ad for extra sales fizz

Coke to ape Pepsi TV ad for extra sales fizz

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Friday, May 19,2006 6:54 AM

Coke to ape Pepsi TV ad for extra sales fizz

Move over fast-food retail chains. The cola majors are now sprucing up their association with television. And following close on the heels of Pepsi TV, Coca-Cola India has started exploring similar campaign models.

The company may float its first such campaign, to be called 'Coca-Cola Seamless Stings', with a leading television channel network.

So, from 'enjoy Coke while you enjoy the food', the new message the company plans to deliver is 'enjoy Coke while you enjoy the programme'.

According to a company official, though the campaign will initially be just about strategic placement in terms of ad spaces for Coca-cola promos, the long-term objective is to create a positioning for the brand in such a way, that it becomes synonymous with TV viewing.

When contacted by ET, Vikas Gupta, vice-president, marketing, Coca-Cola India, said, “We are looking at placing our promos at strategic slots in the partnering channel in such a way, that it offers maximum visibility. It is all about seamless transition of shots phasing into the programme and phasing out into the break.”

Analysts feel that the trend marks a gradual shift in the cola major's positioning. They say that the company perhaps wants to shift its focus from an association with food, to that with TV. The company recently also tied up with food outlets as a part of its “thande ka tadka” campaign.

However, Coca-Cola officials say it's an extension of their campaign, not a repositioning. “Even in TV tieups, the broader idea is to strengthen the original message, that food tastes best with Coke,” Gupta said.

The whole idea of launching seamless stings is just to blend these messages and deliver it in a clutter breaking format to the end consumer,” Mr Gupta said.

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