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Coke surges ahead. Britannia, Tata Salt big gainers: Brand Equity study

Coke surges ahead. Britannia, Tata Salt big gainers: Brand Equity study

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Aug 20,2002 7:39 AM

Coke surges ahead. Britannia, Tata Salt big gainers: Brand Equity study

A recent survey carried out by Brand Equity - ORG Marg provides interesting insights towards preference for various brands by Indian consumers. While Coke managed to move up as 6th Most Trusted Brand (rival Pepsi is still stuck at last years 9th Spot), it is actually Britannia and Tata Salt that leaped dozens of brands.

Britannia, riding on slew of launches and high decibel promotions, has managed to move up from its last years position -13th. Tata Salt, which was not even rated in last year's survey, managed to acquire 4th position.

The study titled "Brand Equity Survey of India's Most Trusted Brands 2002' aimed to identify the brands which bond best with the consumer taking into account various parameters like popularity of the brand, quality connotation, uniqueness of what it stands for, value for money and repurchase intent. The survey comes up with some other interesting and unexpected winners. Take for instance Dettol, which ranked number one in the survey was pitted at number 5 last year or HLL brands which had 9 out of top 20 positions last year are down to just 7 this time with even the rankings slipping from a high of number 1 for Lux to number 5 this time.

The churn in rankings has led to a lot of utilitarian brands occupying top spots this year as compared to the last year. For instance, detergents have given way to brands like Britannia and Tata Salt. Another interesting point highlighted by the report is the region wise variance in preference. Not one of the zonal winners this year has managed to feature in the top three in any of the other zones.

Talking about small towns, the report points out the convergence of brands preferences of Class I and II town customers with the Metro customers. For instance this year saw five brands finding a place amongst the top 10 across all three categories i.e., Metros, Class I towns and Class II towns. This is more than the 3 brands, which achieved the feat last year.

Even the SEC wise brand preference throws interesting results, which would be typically at variance with popular perception. Sec C is the only category, which has the same top 10 as the national top 10 brands; for all the talk about how brand perceptions change as one moves across SECs! One of the most revealing aspects is Bata beating Nike, adidas and Reebok amongst Sec A 1 and A2. National brand number 1, Dettol, manages to grab the same position in the top three SECs. Britannia finds itself at number 1 in SEC C, which indicates the success it has had with its lowerend brands like Tiger. As the report points out at the lower end its not what brands you actually consumer but what you would like to consume that are being reflected in the rankings.

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