Coke shifting marketing office back to Delhi from June 6

Coke shifting marketing office back to Delhi from June 6

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Friday, May 06,2005 7:20 AM

Coke shifting marketing office back to Delhi from June 6

Coke will shift its marketing office back to Delhi from June 6. Four years ago, Sripad Nadkarni, the former Marketing Head of Coca-Cola India, was responsible for shifting the marketing division to Mumbai. Now, following Nadkarni's departure a few months ago, the company has decided to shift back its marketing operations to Delhi. The current VP-Marketing, Vikas Gupta, is based in Delhi.

Commenting on the development, Vikas Kochhar Senior Manager, Public Affairs and Communications, Coca-Cola India, said, "We want to integrate the marketing office with the rest of the business, so we can constantly evaluate the business. It's going to be much easier to leverage the combined strengths if everyone works together from the same office."

On being asked if the company might undergo some turbulence moving out of Mumbai, Kochhar said, "The benefit of having the team work together will be far greater. Our creative agency will be looking to set up an equally competitive network here in Delhi. And as for our marketing team, it will be the same. It is just a physical relocation, everything else remains the same."

Coke's creative agency, McCann Erickson, will witness some structural changes. "While the core team remains the same, we are in the process of adding a few more people to this team," said Santosh Desai, President, McCann Erickson India.

Similarly, Madison, which handles Coke's media duties, is also planning to shift some of its media team on the Coke account from Mumbai to Delhi.

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