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Cogito Consulting to bring in retail branding and marketing solutions

Cogito Consulting to bring in retail branding and marketing solutions

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Friday, Jan 25,2008 6:52 AM

Cogito Consulting to bring in retail branding and marketing solutions

Cogito Consulting, the brand consulting division of DraftFCB Group, has unveiled its retail branding and marketing solutions. Cogito will be based on the knowledge, learnings and expertise of the Shoppers’ Marketing team headed by Jim Lucas, Director of Retail Ecology, DraftFCB.

Elaborating on the services being offered by Cogito, its Executive Director and CEO, Niteen Bhagwat, said, “We will be offering a range of solutions, but specifically we will be talking about things like – How to create alignment strategies between retailers and marketers?, Do you require format driven strategies for retailers and marketers?, and How do you integrate these different formats? We will be offering specific advice to clients – be it retail companies or packaged good companies – in the areas of branding and marketing.”

“However, the company at this point in time will not get into the design and execution space as we are a consulting company and not an advertising agency,” he added. Sounding optimistic about the company’s latest foray, Bhagwat continued, “We have done work in the retail space. And companies have been speaking to us and have been expressing a need for this, that’s why we are here.”

“We are probably in a great position to bring in some great shopper insights from international markets, which can be tailored for the Indian market,” asserted Jim Lucas.

Commenting on the Indian market, Bhagwat said, “There is ample scope for developing new initiatives, both in the pure retail space and package goods manufacturing space. Because it is growing at such a rapid pace, people are actually taking decisions on the fly. They are spending huge amounts of money in setting up infrastructure, and any piece of advise can help them either mitigate the risks or look at new opportunities. They are more than open to listening to advice in that area.”

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