Coca-Cola bets big on Georgia

Coca-Cola bets big on Georgia

Author | Source: Business Line | Monday, May 29,2006 7:08 AM

Coca-Cola bets big on Georgia

As part of its strategy to broad base its portfolio, Coca-Cola India is planning to increase its emphasis on beverage brand Georgia Gold.

The company has been setting up ‘Georgia Junctions’ in high traffic areas such as malls and BPO’s which would serve food along with beverages.

Over the last few months, about 50 of these outlets have been set up, mainly in metros, and the company is planning to scale up their presence in a phased manner over the course of the year.

In addition to the Georgia hot and cold teas and coffees, these outlets would also serve other drinks from the company’s portfolio such as carbonated soft drinks (CSD), bottled water and juices.

The company will be launching the Minute Maid brand in India over the next few months. While this model falls between the traditional vending machines and cafe models, the introduction of food products in a convenient model would drive sales.

Industry observers say that the Georgia brand which started off with its association with McDonalds, has done well for the company, and is available at railway stations and other high traffic areas, which is what has prompted the company into extending the model to include foods.

Coca-Cola had entered the vended tea-coffee business for the first time globally when it launched the Georgia Gold machines in India in 2002.

Since then, it has added a range of cold beverages and taken the total number of vending machines to 6000 across the country.

The company has been paying increased attention to its other brands over the last few years, partly as a result of the constant controversies surrounding it.

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