Cobra Beer strikes Gold at Monde Selection

Cobra Beer strikes Gold at Monde Selection

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jul 15,2006 8:37 AM

Cobra Beer strikes Gold at Monde Selection

Cobra Beer can raise a cheer. The beer brand owned by NRI industrialist Lord Karan Bilimoria, has won 12 Golds at the prestigious Monde Selection, Brussels 2006 – World Selection of Quality. For the second year running, Cobra has been awarded more Golds than any other beer company in the world. Cobra Beer is one of the fastest growing beer brands in the UK, with a current turnover of £80 million at retail value.

The 2006 Monde Selection ceremony was held in Prague, Czech Republic where Cobra was awarded a total of 17 medals, including the highly-coveted Grand Gold for its Indian-brewed beer, and a further 11 Golds and five Silvers.

Cobra Beer has international brewing relationships with Charles Wells in the UK, Browar Belgia in Poland and Mount Shivalik in India.

Charles Wells received Gold medals for each of the three Cobra products it entered, including Cobra draught, which made its debut at the Awards, as well as for bottled Cobra in 330 ml and 660 ml sizes. The brewery was also awarded an International High Quality trophy in recognition of their Gold medal awards for Cobra Beer for the past three years in a row.

Of the 17 medals won, 12 were awarded to Cobra products brewed by Browar Belgia in Poland, including two Gold medals for Krait Beer – Cobra’s beer for the American market, and a gold for King Cobra, the double fermented strong lager, which was entered into the selection for the first time. Browar Belgia, too, was commended for their consistent high brewing standards for Cobra Beer with the award of their own International High Quality trophy.

Cobra’s brewing partner in India, Mount Shivalik Group, had entered its two products for only the second time and was awarded a first-ever Grand Gold and a Gold medal for bottled 330 ml and 650 ml Cobra, respectively.

“I am delighted by our tremendous showing at this year’s Monde Selection,” said Lord Bilimoria CBE DL, founder and Chief Executive of Cobra Beer.

He added, “We were overwhelmed to win 11 Gold medals last year, and to win 12 this year demonstrates that we continue to punch well above our weight. We are all very proud of this achievement. We are particularly proud of the success of our India-brewed Cobra. When we resumed brewing in India in 2005 after an eight-year absence, we did so because we saw that the consumer was crying out for choice, but also because we saw the tremendous progress that Indian manufacturing had made. These medals are proof that India is capable of absolutely world-class manufacturing.”

Gurdeep Sohal, Brewmaster at the Mount Shivalik Group, added, “We are delighted to have won a Grand Gold medal at Monde Selection. This Award illustrates the tremendous progress we have made in such a short time with the India-brewed Cobra and, as the only Indian beer to be awarded a Gold, this affirms the fact that we are brewing the best quality beer in India.”

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