CII National Summit: Brand India capturing global imagination, say experts

CII National Summit: Brand India capturing global imagination, say experts

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Oct 30,2004 8:12 AM

CII National Summit: Brand India capturing global imagination, say experts

Four CEOs representing manufacturing and services sectors were unanimous that Indian industry across a spectrum of all sectors was moving up the value claim and was capturing the world’s attention.

Pramod Bhasin, President, GECIS Global and GE Capital India, Baba Kalyani, CMD, Bharat Forge, Sanjeev Gupta, President and CEO, Coca-Cola India and Satish Kaura, CMD, Samtel Colour – all the four shared their experiences and perspectives on the what has been done and what needs to be done to move Brand India higher up in the value chain.

Kaura recounted the change in the mindset of Corporate India in the last decade. He said: “Four significant changes have been that Government has been more receptive about the needs of the industry, a strong foundation for manufacturing excellence has been laid, product and process development have become important and finally, vision has broadened and Indian companies are ready to take more risks at a global level.”

Speaking on the IT and the IT service sector, Bhasin was of view that the value India brought has significantly enhanced in the last five to six years with the result that IT companies across the world are ‘rushing to India’. On the BPO, he said: “India would continue to lead the pack for sometime. However, if India sharing the sector were to move 10-15 per cent from the current three per cent, challenges of training two to three million people and of attrition would have to be addressed urgently.”

Kalyani explained how Bharat Forge had changed in order to go global. Since 1995, the company had focused on quality and cost, became export-oriented and was establishing operations worldwide. “The most significant change in the company was the adaptation of radical HR policies. This policy helped Bharat Forge become lean and knowledge based and replaced blue collar workers with white collar work force and redesigned business processes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gupta highlighted the factors that led to the success of a global brand in India. He said: “When we started our operations in India, we realised that Coca-Cola as a brand had tremendous potential to grow here. So we supported it with ATL and BTL, and discovered that with the Indian campaigns we have set global models.”

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