Can Arrow translate customer preference to brand personality?

Can Arrow translate customer preference to brand personality?

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Apr 05,2004 7:17 AM

Can Arrow translate customer preference to brand personality?

Today’s menfolk can be segregated into four segments when it comes to their clothing requirements. The need to stand apart, to blend in, to look young & vibrant and the need to look that you have arrived in life. These findings have come from a survey undertaken by Quantum market research for Arrow, a premium menswear brand under Arvind Brands Ltd, to understand customer behaviour.

The existing lines within the Arrow brand as well as the forthcoming ones will keep these in mind.

Also, the study has highlighted the importance of branding and, therefore, Arrow Sport, a line within the brand, will receive as much attention as the premium segment.

Speaking to FE, Arrow brand manager Rini Dutta said the study has given the necessary direction and the steps to be taken in the coming five years. “The study was undertaken in January-February this year and the need was to understand what the customers’ dressing habits were and also where do we stand in the mind of the customer,” said Ms Dutta.

Ms Dutta said the four need tastes which have come out of the focus group discussion as well as the one-on-ones reflected that men are also equally aware of their dressing needs.

The study also emphasised that Arrow Sport, the sporting line launched two years ago, needs equal support as the premium segment. The Arrow segment, which aims at catering to the need to look young and vibrant, will be driven as a separate brand identity albeit within the gambit of the mother brand, which is the Arrow brand. Thus to drive the brand, the company is looking to associate Arrow Sport with various sports events, a move which Ms Dutta says will draw the right synergy.

Similarly, other lines have also got clear demarcations as to which segments they will cater to. Ms Dutta said America’s Premium is for men who need to stand apart, America’s Classic line is targeted at those who want to blend in and Urban is for those who want to announce that they have arrived in life.

Ms Dutta said the forthcoming collections will be very sharp and have a focus keeping in mind the requirements of the various segments. “Diwali, for example, is the time for family gatherings and meetings, therefore the line will have shades or colours which stand out, thus giving it a distinct identity,” she added.

Henceforth, efforts will also be made to enable customers to make a statement through aspects like collars, cuffs, shades and the cut of the shirt, Ms Dutta said.

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