Buying decision mostly taken by males: Study

Buying decision mostly taken by males: Study

Author | Source: Business Standard | Thursday, Aug 11,2005 7:55 AM

Buying decision mostly taken by males: Study

If you thought that shopping decisions in India were made by a woman, think again. The latest report from A C Nielsen on Shopper Trends reveals just the opposite.

The urban Indian male has emerged as key influencer while shopping. According to the report, males comprise 43 per cent of the key influencers for shopping decisions compared with 34 per cent last year.

Says Shrikant Kulkarni, associate director, A C Nielsen India: “To retailers and marketers, this is a key input in terms of planning their communication strategies and speaking more specifically to men as a segment.”

Men may not walk into a store, they do decide on what is being purchased. However, the dependence on male shopper has reduced to 21 per cent against 26 per cent in the previous year.

The study also pointed out that the city-based Indian shopper is spending more on food, groceries and personal care. The average monthly expenditure on these items grew by 14 per cent at Rs 2,479 over the previous year.

As much as 47 per cent of the urban Indian’s expenditure is for buying fresh food which is an increase over the previous year’s 42 per cent.

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