Britannia eyeing niche segments for growth

Britannia eyeing niche segments for growth

Author | Source: Business Line | Tuesday, Jan 31,2006 8:43 AM

Britannia eyeing niche segments for growth

BRITANNIA Industries Ltd is working out a product strategy aimed at capturing various niches of the snacking segment.

For one, the company is bullish about the "on-the-go" segment and is planning to roll out smaller packs under its major sub-brands. It would be gradually expanding its `ticki-packs' (packs of two or four biscuits) concept across its product range.

"The market today is heterogeneous; hence, we need to adopt a segmented approach to reach out to consumers," said Ms Vinita Bali, CEO.

The market has moved into a "consumption-oriented phase" which she describes as "lot more people with more money to spend on newer products."

Speaking about the "on-the-go" segment, Mr Neeraj Chandra, Marketing Head, said: "It is priced in Rs 1 to Rs 5 range. We hope to bring in our key brands under this packaging. "On-the-go" is not just about packaging, it is also about availability in different variants and distribution."

Another niche segment the company has identified as a potential growth driver is `in-between-meals snacking', and it would soon be rolling out more products to address this category.

The company has in the past launched products targeted at the "occasion-based" (such as Diwali greetings gift packs, etc) segment.

Meanwhile, it is currently test marketing newer products, which may be taken national subsequently.

These include cup cakes in Kolkata, Marie Gold Doubles in Chennai, and Mozzarella cheese in Mumbai.

It introduced Marie Gold Doubles with the `biscuit within a biscuit' catchline in Chennai and plans a phased launch in the rest of the country.

Higher aroma ghee too is being marketed only in the South. "We are testing out our hypothesis in probable markets. In fact, we may even choose to localise the availability of our products within a city," said Mr Anupam Datta, head of the company's dairy business.

Last year, Britannia launched a health drink called Anlene in Kolkata and Chennai and is currently testing the "marketing mix" for the product.

"Britannia is lot more than just biscuits. Our other segments - bread, cakes, rusks and dairy - are doing equally well," Ms Bali said.

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