Brand marketers chasing 'Kanta Bais'!

Brand marketers chasing 'Kanta Bais'!

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Monday, Jul 24,2006 7:02 AM

Brand marketers chasing 'Kanta Bais'!

Maidservants and tailors are unlikely marketing tools, but companies seem to target this very segment to devise unique marketing strategies.

These companies are devising campaigns specifically targeted at these professionals who will use these products instead of creating a brand for the products and getting lost in the clutter of traditional avenues of advertising.

3M, a consumer goods manufacturer, has adopted a unique method to campaign for its brand Scotch-Brite - the utensil cleaning scrub pad. It has targeted maidservants to market its product.

Recently in Pune, over 100 maidservants marched through the city promising to keep homes clean. The walkathon was aimed at promoting cleanliness at homes and the city at large. The company expects that these maids will carry the message to all the households they work and help them market the product.

“Maids have today become a critical part of every household. Over 60% of all cleaning tasks in a household are performed by maidservants. This is the reason why we thought that it was a good idea to directly cater to the primary user of our product than householders,” says Sanjit Sampathy, divisional manager, home care division, 3M.

“We are expecting our sales to double in Pune in the next three months,” he adds. Owing to the good response to this campaign, the company has planned to extend the campaign in at least four to five cities across the country in each region. Also, the company plans to impart a 10-day training programme for maidservants where they will be shown movies on cleanliness and given sweets and goodies.

Shri Kalyani Garments, a Pune-based garments distributor and manufacturer, has started a tailors club to unite the hitherto unorganised tailoring segment. The club is aimed at providing raw material like cloth, hooks, buttons and threads to tailors across Maharashtra at a fixed price.

The club will form tailor shoppes across the state so that this material reaches the tailors at his hometown and he need not come to a bigger city to collect these raw materials. The company currently has 350 inhouse tailors and is expecting to rope in around 5,000 tailors across the state by December this year in the club.

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