BPL on top claims ORG-MARG, LG differs

BPL on top claims ORG-MARG, LG differs

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jun 06,2002 8:23 AM

BPL on top claims ORG-MARG, LG differs

According to the latest ORG-MARG figures, BPL''s continued stint at the top of the Indian colour television (CTV) market and as expected LG has made independent claims to leadership position through advertisements and media reports.

The ORG-Marg data for April suggest that BPL has consolidated its top slot with 17.2 per cent market share even as LG secured the second spot with 12.1 per cent. But LG, quoting internal sources, has claimed a market share of 18 per cent in April.

In fact, ORG figures show that BPL improved its market share to 17.2 per cent in April from 15.2 per cent in the previous month. These figures convey a similar jump in LG''s share to 12.1 per cent, up from 10 per cent in the month of March.

BPL, based on ORG-Marg data, has claimed a cumulative market share of 17.1 per cent in the first quarter (January-March) of this calendar year as against LG''s 9.5 per cent.

In value terms, BPL with 16.5 per cent was ahead of LG''s 12.7 per cent in April. Roughly 7,01,600 sets were sold during the month with a total value of Rs 787.50 crores. However, LG has contradicted ORG data on total sales in April. The company claims that sales were much lower at 4,75,000 sets.

Meanwhile, LG, through media advertisements, has also staked claim to the top slot in the month of May. The company''s claim is based on "internal sources" and not based on formal surveys by any professional agencies. ORG-MARG data for the month of May is awaited.

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