Apple, Google dethrone Coca-Cola as best global brands

Apple, Google dethrone Coca-Cola as best global brands

Author | Simran Sabherwal | Tuesday, Oct 01,2013 9:04 AM

Apple, Google dethrone Coca-Cola as best global brands

Technology major Apple has dislodged Coca-Cola to take the top spot in the 14th Annual Best Global Brands Report released by Interbrand. Coca-Cola, which had held the No. 1 spot since the inception of the report, slipped to the third spot behind another technology giant, Google.

Apple’s rise in global value was attributed to the company’s ability to keep consumers at the centre of everything it does and anticipate what consumers want next and break new ground in terms of both design and performance.

Interbrand’s 2013 Top Ten Best Global Brands: Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, GE, McDonalds, Samsung, Intel, and Toyota

2013 New Entrants: Discovery, Duracell, Chevrolet

2013 Top Rising Brands: Facebook, Google, Prada, Apple, Amazon

Biggest Declines: Nokia, Morgan Stanley, Nintendo, MTV, Avon

In a statement, Jez Frampton, Global Chief Executive Officer, Interbrand said, “Every so often, a company changes our lives – not just with its products, but with its ethos. That is why, following Coca-Cola’s 13-year run at the top of Best Global Brands, Apple now ranks No. 1.”

Ashish Mishra, Managing Director, Interbrand India added here, “This to our minds is the single biggest story of the new times, of a changed world. Of who really leads the brand – the marketer or the consumer, or both? And how anticipation, co-creation, conversation, innovation, investment in people and big data, strategic CSR, and new leadership are the new way.”

Key takeaways from the report:
• The total value of all 100 Best Global Brands is $1.5 trillion – an 8.4 per cent increase over the total value of the 100 Best Global Brands in 2012.

• Apple’s current brand value is $98.3 billion – almost 15 times its brand value of $6.6 billion in 2000.

• Technology dominates as the most valuable sector, with a combined brand value of $443.154 billion. Seven of 2013’s top ten brands hail from the tech sector.

• Luxury brands performed solidly; seven luxury brands made its way in the list and each increased its brand value by 5 per cent or more.

• Eight of 11 financial services brands saw an increase in brand value.

• 14 brands hailed from the automotive sector; nine of these brands saw double-digit growth.

• The Best Global Brands Report also looked at the role of leadership in connection with brand and contends that leadership must now be shared as all the stakeholders – be it CEOs, CMOs and even the consumers – have the power to drive the value of the brand they manage or admire.


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