AMD further refines its Vision

AMD further refines its Vision

Author | Tuhina Anand | Friday, May 21,2010 8:31 AM

AMD further refines its Vision

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), world’s second largest chipmaker, has been aiming to simplify tech jargon to communicate with its consumers, and to fulfill this, had adopted the philosophy of ‘Vision’ in September 2009. This is mainly aimed to talk to people in a language that they understand and AMD has planned marketing campaign around this platform. Now, AMD has revamped this platform in a bid to further simplify and connect with its consumers.

Talking about the reason behind the Vision platform, P Raghuraman, Director, Transaction Business, AMD India, said, “Computer industry has historically expected the consumer to make a buying decision of computers basis technical specifications of the components within a system. How fast is the processor? How much and what speed is the memory? How big is the hard drive? How fast is it? Does the processor have two cores, or four, and how much L1, L2 or even L3 cache memory does it have? Most mainstream consumers don’t really understand these technical specifications and the technology jargon and end up getting confused.”

He added, “All that matters to a mainstream consumer is whether the computer that she is buying is able to do what she wants to do. “Can I download video and watch my favorite show without frame loss orjerky motion? Can I edit my photos and create videos and share them with friends and family? Can I play my favorite game? Can I have more than one of these programs open at the same time without bogging down everything?” These are the typical questions consumers have when they are buying a computer. AMD’s Vision campaign is launched to simplify customer’s PC buying process. Rather than the traditional method, which focuses on the technical specifications of individual hardware components, Vision focuses on addressing the consumer needs and simplifies the buying process.”

Till now, Vision has witnessed a lot of momentum and received tremendous support from AMD’s OEMs like HP, Acer, Dell and Lenovo and channel partners. Going forward, AMD plans to aggressively market Vision in collaboration with OEM and channel partners.

Talking about the media mix, Raghuraman, said, “We elect to spend our resources more strategically to help promote our customers’ brands, not our own. This goes back to what happens when an ingredient brand usurps the role of the product brand. Vision was created to help our customers – those who make PCs (HP, Dell, Acer) – to help them communicate and differentiate their products to the consumers. Vision is designed to communicate the experience available with the PC, not what’s inside the PC. This is the role AMD believes is appropriate for an ingredient brand.”

On the next step forward, he said, “We would expect our success to be reflected in our market share and increase in retail sales figures. Our OEM partners have been enthusiastic about Vision and we have already seen a lot of momentum. Globally, we have secured 109 Mainstream Notebook design wins, a threefold increase over our previous generation, creating unprecedented availability for 2010. Apart from this, we saw a 30% increase in ultrathin platform design wins. AMD has long followed the path of customer-centricity and customer-centric innovation and will continue to do so.”

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