Ajay Kaul speaks on Domino’s taking consumer centricity to the core

Ajay Kaul speaks on Domino’s taking consumer centricity to the core

Author | Dipali Banka | Monday, Nov 01,2010 8:46 AM

Ajay Kaul speaks on Domino’s taking consumer centricity to the core

The Pitch CMO Summit saw some insightful presentations of how brands extended their brand propositions to the audience. Taking this further, Ajay Kaul, Chief Executive Officer, Jubiliant FoodWorks Ltd., master franchisee of Domino’s Pizza in India presented how they extended their brand proposition to not only the consumers but also built a culture around it in their organisation.

“In order to make the whole organisation holistically customer centric you have to understand the moments of truth of the business,” he said explaining the moments of truth for Domino’s being their product, people and brand (advertising, direct mailers and CRM).

Kaul shared with the audience their ambition for the year 2011 and how they communicated the same to their 10,000+ employees. “Apart from our national roll out of our vision, we have created small cards of our ambition which each of our employee carries every day in their pocket,” he shared. Talking about the customer centric ethos that they have adapted he said, “As the moment of truth lies inside the store, once in a month all of our managers including the CEO work in the store for a day and carry out tasks that any other employee does. Kaul explained in detail their customer complaint re-addressal system which is the best in class and how he has encouraged empowerment at the lowest level of employees. “I personally go through every complaint that we receive and write to the store manager directly about it. We have created a ‘transparent’ and ‘easy’ complain making process as we want to encourage our customers to share their feedback and tell us if there are any complains.” After talking about the happiness meter that they have installed in every store he went on to sharing his marketing and consumer insights for building a consumer centric brand.

“Our biggest challenge when we started operations was that people did not know what actual pizzas were. We had to build category and the brand as well. So we started with the brand positioning ‘Hungry Kya’,” he explained. With changing consumer lifestyle they shifted their brand on the speed of delivery “30 minutes or free”.

The brand was now top of the mind as far as delivery of the product was concerned but in order to take this forward, they conducted extensive research and evolved a strategy of on three pillars, great pizzas with great taste, affordable and best class delivery and hence came up with the positioning “Khushiyon ki home delivery”. The company is doing a lot of data analysis in order to predict what the consumer was going to do next and give them stimuli and offers based on that.

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