Kids Zee Jagran to premiere 3-D animation film ‘Bal Hanuman’

Zee Jagran to premiere 3-D animation film ‘Bal Hanuman’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Jul 27,2007 9:28 AM

Zee Jagran to premiere 3-D animation film ‘Bal Hanuman’

Zee Jagran will premiere ‘Bal Hanuman’, a 3-D animation film, on July 28. The film attempts to break the old theme of Hanuman’s contribution to Lord Ram’s victory in Lanka. The purpose behind making the film was also to make people more aware about Hanuman’s own childhood. In the film, Bal Hanuman is shown playing pranks like frightening the sadhus, trying to swallow the sun, or getting punished for his mischief.

“The West has had super heroes for decades. Cartoon characters like Superman, Batman, Spiderman and He-Man have held a special place in the minds of children. Indian mythology, too, has many a tales to talk about, like those of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Hanuman and many more, over the centuries. ‘Bal Hanuman’ will not only make the kids know more about their culture, but will also inspire them to be strong enough to fight and win over the evil,” said an official communiqué from the channel.

As part of the marketing for the premiere of ‘Bal Hanuman’, the film logos have been placed on the covers of books and copies in the form of stickers, as also on T-shirts, and on caps. The movie is targetted at children and grown ups as well.

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