Kids TAM numbers show increase in Disney channels' share

TAM numbers show increase in Disney channels' share

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Apr 15,2005 7:12 AM

TAM numbers show increase in Disney channels' share

Distribution for The Walt Disney Company India's is looking better. Consequently, in some key markets like Mumbai and Delhi, the channel has registered more reach numbers and an increase in channel share as well.

In the present state of affairs, the difference is not so obvious of the overall market. However, a segregation shows that a step-by-step progression is in place. TAM Media research shows that in the Mumbai market for the CS 4 -14, the all day numbers, Toon Disney's (TD) reach has increased to 15.91 per cent from the previous weeks 6.97.

Disney Channels' (DC) reach has also increased to a 34.63 from the 15.04 in the previous week. DC has registered a substantial increase in the Delhi market as well (6.26 from 3.7). TD doesn't show much change in this market increasing to a 1.92 from 1.83 but in the Chennai market the games are different. TD has touched to a 3.06 here in comparison to last week's 1.55 but DC has increased only to a 0.82 per cent from 0.68.

Bangalore sees a good increase for both channels -TD has gone to a 9.43 from 1.3 and DC to a 6.71 from 5.19. In terms of reach, the channels are doing well in the Hyderabad market for the last five weeks.

Consequently, channel share has changed as well. DC has touched a never before 2.47 in Mumbai this week vis-à-vis the 1.17 in the previous week. TD has increased to a 0.54 from 0.17 in Mumbai and in Delhi has gone to a 0.17 from 0.06. DC in this market has increased to a 0.79 from 0.68. Chennai doesn't throw much for DC but for TD, the number has increased from 0.11 to 0.61. Both Bangalore and Hyderabad too have registered increase for the channel.

This is just one of the first steps for the development that we are seeing in the kids' genre. The coming weeks have a lot in store and it would be interesting to see how Disney works at improving this position further.

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