Kids Sony Pictures markets animation film ‘Open Season’ on VCD

Sony Pictures markets animation film ‘Open Season’ on VCD

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Friday, Jan 05,2007 9:14 AM

Sony Pictures markets animation film ‘Open Season’ on VCD

For the first time Sony Pictures has released an animation film ‘Open Season’ on VCD format. And in order to ensure that the film is well-received, Sony has worked hard on its marketing strategy.

Along with the VCD, there will be attractive contests and gifts for kids. Sony Pictures also tied up with the Times Group, and carried advertorials and other publicity in NIE, Bombay Times and Mumbai Mirror.

Anupam Sengupta, Marketing Manager, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, said, “India is the first country in which this movie is being offered in VCD format and we are delighted to be distributing it this season. With this offering, we hope to help parents with their quandary of the right gift to give their kids this festive season. It will be a delight for the kids to receive, especially since it comes with a school kit as well as a board game.”

The film, according to Sengupta, had done phenomenally better on home videos than it has in theatres. “The film has a family title, and that is one of the reasons why it is doing better at home,” he said, adding, “Since it hadn’t done too well in theatres, we have tried to package the video CD as well as possible. The CD packet, for instance, opens with a board game, and has a school kit for kids.”

He further said that Sony had also got the characters of the film to come down and perform in various malls across the city.

The characters Boog and Elliot re-enforce the message of protecting wildlife and nature throughout the film. Vikramjit Roy, Head, PR and Acquisitions, Sony Pictures, said, “We’ve tried to bring the message out to various people –m schools, nature clubs, parents and others through screenings and tried to re-enforce this message.”

“Where our marketing strategy is concerned, we also tied up with other brands like The Sanctuary Magazine run by Bittu Sehgal,” Roy added.

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