Kids Reaching out to kids a big challenge, say marketers

Reaching out to kids a big challenge, say marketers

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Sep 24,2004 8:22 AM

Reaching out to kids a big challenge, say marketers

Don’t underestimate the ‘persuading power’ of kids, advised marketers at a Cartoon Network seminar in New Delhi on Wednesday. Kids are innocent devils who want to be treated like adults and can really be influential in the decision making process, they said.

Sameer Suneja, Head of Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle, Jiggy George, Director, Cartoon Network Enterprises, Vipul Prakash, EVP – Marketing, Pepsi Foods and Prahlad Kakar, Director, Genesis Films were among the speakers.

The marketers brought out a different approach that could be adopted while targeting kids. Suneja said, “One should really get rid of certain myths like only TV works with kids or the fact that brand name has to be simple.” Giving the example of Alpenliebe, he said, “If we would have gone with the belief that only simple brand names work, then Alpenliebe would not have been such a successful brand. So a lot depends on how you communicate the brand.”

Prakash said that although Pepsi is a youth brand, the company adopted some principles to target kids. “While communicating to kids, don’t forget that fact the youth brands have an inherent appeal for kids. Also leverage the appeal to provide the relevant pay-off.”

“Work on this communication plan—intrigue, inundate, involve and reinforce,” added Prakash, adding that kids today are evolved and they are capable to process information faster than adults. So make sure that you communicate well and make them feel important.

George reinforced Prakash’s observation by taking examples of how Cartoon Network tied up with corporates and did some innovative ad campaigns for them. He spoke on success stories of Bano Toon Star with Scooby Doo contest (Kwality Walls) and how Nestle, Red label, Bharat Petroleum reinforced their brand image by associating with cartoons.

Giving an innovative angle to advertising, Kakar said: “With kids you don’t have to explain the logic of irrational. Kids are small but they are cunning enemies. They absorb everything like sponge. If you plan to use children for your communication, then you cannot have a predetermined script. It has to be realistic and natural.”

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