Kids Overview 2006: Kids’ genre – A tale of unprecedented competition

Overview 2006: Kids’ genre – A tale of unprecedented competition

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Jan 04,2007 8:10 AM

Overview 2006: Kids’ genre – A tale of unprecedented competition

The kids’ genre saw intense action in 2006 – from research to unique events to merchandising in the channels’ endeavours to acquisitions and foray into different mediums, the kids’ genre saw many ‘firsts’ in the year. Numbers show that this young TG really isn’t the most loyal audience one can have and the rule ‘audience watches shows not channels’ comes to light stronger than ever for this genre.

TAM Media Research shows that for the target C&S 4-14 in the all India market, the beginning saw some set trends for the industry. Cartoon Network ruled the roost with sister channel POGO in the second lead. Toon Disney and Hungama TV were competing for the third slot. Disney Channel followed with Nick in the sixth slot, while Animax was in the seventh slot.

In its 10th year in India, Cartoon Network launched numerous initiatives, which took the channel to newer heights in the first 20 weeks. POGO also saw good numbers in this period. Interestingly, however, none of the channels had eaten into other channels’ shares in this tenure – almost all kids channels had been adding numbers in this period. However, the weeks following this period brought good news for Toon Disney with things working out for the channel thanks to the Playhouse Disney block and properties like Power Rangers and on-ground events.

The high that the channel registered in this period seems to have affected the leading channels given the drop in numbers that both Cartoon Network and POGO registered then. Both Cartoon Network and POGO saw a declining graph for the next 20 weeks. Even as the channels saw occasional upsurges, on an average, channel shares have been declining.

Maybe not in the same numbers, but Toon Disney and Hungama added numbers in this period and hence, have growth to show. In the lower rung, Disney Channel maintained a steady graph, but Nick had a little surprise in store with a continuous addition in numbers – enough to significantly narrow the gap with Disney Channel.

The last quarter of the year saw Nick continue on its upward path and Disney Channel register growth, but bad news came for Toon Disney that declined enough to be in the same channel share space as Disney Channel and the story holds true for POGO as well. For a considerable period, POGO, Disney Channel and Toon Disney were contesting very closely and the top two slots were in fact taken by Cartoon Network and Hungama TV.

While this may have surprised the followers of this genre to some extent, the end of the year was more or less the same story as the beginning – Turner channels on top (Cartoon Network followed by POGO); the Disney channels next (Hungama TV on third slot, followed by Toon Disney and Disney Channel); and Nick coming a long way from where it started on the fifth position. Animax did not experience much change in its position.

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