Kids Nick to showcase movies on 'Nick Home Cinema'

Nick to showcase movies on 'Nick Home Cinema'

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Tuesday, Jul 03,2007 9:06 AM

Nick to showcase movies on 'Nick Home Cinema'

With a host of 360-degree activities in the last five months, children’s channel Nick has announced its new property ‘Nick Home Cinema’. The property kicks-off from this month with some of the latest Nick movies to be shown. It will be aired every Sunday in the 11 am time slot, with repeat telecast on Saturday at 11 am.

Nina Elavia Jaipuria, Vice-President and General Manager, Nick India, said, “I think it is the time of consolidation and in the last five months, we have seen our market share grow from nine to 11 per cent. So I think the movies are just the step in the right direction because I think movies today are a very large of part of entertainment that kids enjoy.”

She added, “I think movies were something that was not on Nick so far. So it is rewarding children who are watching Nick with movies now. We wanted to kick off with Nick movies particularly because kids are very familiar with our shows. So the whole thought was why don’t we launch the movies with the characters that the kids are already familiar with. The whole idea was to leverage on Nick library.”

On July 8, ‘Jimmy Neutron -- Operation Rescue Jet Fusion’ will be shown, followed by ‘Fairly Odd Parents -- School’s out-the musical’ on July 15, ‘Chalkzone- Big Blow Up’ on July 22, and ‘Catdog – The Great Parent Mystery’ on July 29.

With the idea of leveraging on Nick library, the channel will also soon acquire different movies from other production houses. However, the channel will have the new property kicked off with Nick Movies.

On the TG, Jaipuria said, “Movies normally and typically attract both the kids and the families because these movies, although being animation, are very thrilling and cut across all age groups. In movies particularly, I think the age group of four to 14 is what we will look at, but it is about just everybody.”

Speaking on the growth of Nick that has recently seen good numbers, Jaipuria commented, “As I said, we are consolidating and with various activities taking place in the last few months, the channel has created a lot of awareness for itself. Secondly, with so many contests, we have given the kids a chance to do a lot to do on-air. And I think all this has come together to create good numbers.”

Although Nick recently roped in television actor Mona Singh for the Nick Fundoo Superstar contest, there are no such plans for roping in another face for this new property. When questioned on how important it is for a children’s channel to be associated with celebrities, Jaipuria replied, “I would put in another way: how influential is a celebrity with the kids. So if the celebrity is deeply adored or has a great fan following with the kids, then it makes sense. But just having a celebrity is completely of no use. Then you are not connecting with the children. Kids are only enticed with somebody when they really like or adore.”

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