Kids Mudra Health & Lifestyle launches website for diabetic children

Mudra Health & Lifestyle launches website for diabetic children

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Nov 15,2007 6:47 AM

Mudra Health & Lifestyle launches website for diabetic children

Mudra Health & Lifestyle has launched a website,, a first-of-its-kind in the health and lifestyle communication space. It is a move towards Mudra’s vision of creating a platform for diabetic children and their parents to help in better understanding the disease.

According to R Lakshminarayanan, CEO, Mudra Marketing Services, “Mudra Health & Lifestyle will be driving several such big-canvas initiatives that impact people’s lives powerfully and meaningfully. This is one specialist business unit that gives us the opportunity to give back, in large measure, to the society. I am proud of what we are doing and I do believe we are demonstrating not just the depth of our involvement in the health and lifestyle arena, but also our genuine faith in the power and persuasion of engaging, relevant and personalised communication.”

Soumitra Sen, President, Mudra Health & Lifestyle, is equally bullish about the new initiative. “We knew we were doing something of immense consequence, the minute we examined the potential of the idea. Our differential in this space has been the addition of the ‘lifestyle angle’ to healthcare. This initiative truly illustrates the potency of lifestyle changes in coping with health-related issues,” he said.

Sharing her vision for the website, Meera Sharath Chandra, NCD, Mudra Marketing Services, said, “This site is all about coping, and hoping. While there is no denying the implications of being diabetic, it certainly is not the end of the world. In fact, it is the beginning of a new way to approach life – cautiously, smartly and positively. We have intentionally imbued the site with a lot of fun and cheer, tempering the education with a lot of interactivity. At the same time, usability has been a key focus area. It was absolutely imperative that both child and parent consumed the content differently, and this mandated a truly customised content offering for each.”

Further commenting on the media plan, Chandra said, “We’re not busting big bucks because that just isn’t necessary. We know who we’re talking to and where we can reach them. Along with just a threshold amount of online advertising that points to the site itself, several innovative touch points are being created via various outdoor campaigns, like viral and creating charts for kids outside dispensaries.”

The site currently allows users to enter as a child or as a parent. The first step of understanding the need for such a site was to realise that key stakeholders would derive different experiences from it. The website also hosts fun competitions for kids. It is aimed to be a site for getting to know the disease in a different way, and yet another bonding opportunity for parent and child as they learn to cope with everything together.

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