Kids Million Words Media to come up with e-zines of ‘Million Words’ and ‘Little Words’

Million Words Media to come up with e-zines of ‘Million Words’ and ‘Little Words’

Author | Puneet Bedi Bahri | Monday, Sep 08,2008 8:16 AM

Million Words Media to come up with e-zines of ‘Million Words’ and ‘Little Words’

Million Words Media Pvt Ltd, which has two publications for children – ‘Million Words’ targeted at the 8-15 age group, and ‘Little Words’ targeted at the 3-8 age group – is now introducing online versions of the two magazines.

Prasad Siddhanthi, CEO & Director, Million Words Media, said, “We are launching the e-magazines in the next two weeks, along with a website, which will be an extension of the print magazines and will have content providing links to portals of kids’ interest.”

Commenting on the content of the e-magazines, Siddhanthi said, “The content is going to the same as that of the print versions, wherein we address issues of growing up, general knowledge, etc., besides offering a platform – Little Words – to kids to express themselves. A good part of the content will be contributed by children themselves on different subjects. Little Words, as the name suggests, is meant for primary and nursery children and the content is easy enough for them to understand and they can independently take part in the activities. We have stories which involve parents and their children. The content is aimed at encouraging the reading habits in kids.”

As for the marketing plans, Siddhanthi said, “Till now we have got exposure purely through retailing and promotion in schools, with the e-magazine I believe we will be able to take it further to a larger audience. I am more keen to advertise in print and online, and will be working towards it as the content for advertisement has to be chosen carefully since we are catering to children.”

Elobarating on the distribution strategy of the magazines, he added, “The distribution strategy is to reach to every child in the country. Copies of ‘Million Words’ and ‘Little Words’ are widely distributed in all metros across the country. We have in this process associated with some of the top news agents, including the Outlook Group, who’s retail division handles the distribution of or magazines in all bookshops, shopping malls, airports and hotels. Our subscription has gone up to 5,000 in the last six months. Mathrubhumi, the second highest circulated news daily from Kerala, is distributing the copies exclusively in Kerala and in the last two months, we have sold 10,000 copies in Kerala.”

“We have also embarked on an initiative to reach out to schools in all major cities, which would work with us on a revenue sharing bases. Response to this approach has been well received from the schools and they are willing to include ‘Million Words’ and ‘Little Words’ as part of their curriculum. We hope to tie up with more schools in next year’s admission process. This will give a major boost to our sales,” Siddhanthi added.

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