Kids Marvel Comics & Gotham Entertainment to launch Spider-Man India

Marvel Comics & Gotham Entertainment to launch Spider-Man India

Author | exchange4media Bangalore Bureau | Saturday, Jun 26,2004 9:12 AM

Marvel Comics & Gotham Entertainment to launch Spider-Man India

Marvel Enterprises Inc and Gotham Entertainment Group – the Indian publishing licensee of Marvel Comics and the leading publisher of different international comics in South Asia, has announced the launch of Spider-Man India.

Spider-Man India interweaves the local customs, culture and mystery of modern India, with an eye to making Spider-Man’s mythology more relevant to this particular audience. Readers of this series will not see the familiar Peter Parker of Queens under the classic Spider-Man mask, but rather a new hero – a young, Indian, called Pavitr Prabhakar. As the Indian Spider-Man, Pavitr would leap around rickshaws and scooters running on Indian streets, and swing from monuments like the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal. Mumbai’s first cobweb-swinging Super Hero will be joined by a reinterpretation of the classic Spider-Man villain, the Green Goblin, Indianised as ‘Rakshasa’, the Indian mythological demon.

“We feel this is one of the most exciting and unique projects in the history of Indian comics,” said Gotham Entertainment Group chief executive Sharad Devarajan. “Unlike traditional translations of American comics, Spider-Man India would be the first-ever transcreation, where we reinvented the origin of a Western property like Spider-Man so that he is an Indian boy in Mumbai and dealing with local problems and challenges.”

Marvel Enterprises publishing president Gui Karyo offered, “Marvel has continuously done its best to push the boundaries of traditional comic books and to look for new venues for our characters. Gotham is helping us to expand the Marvel brand with a truly global vision.”

The first four issues of the new comic series will be published and released by Gotham Entertainment Group in India. Marvel Comics will provide publishing details for the states at a later date.

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