Kids KidSense 2006: Indian kids are becoming more image conscious

KidSense 2006: Indian kids are becoming more image conscious

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jul 24,2006 6:52 AM

KidSense 2006: Indian kids are becoming more image conscious

When it comes to clothes, kids aren’t completely predictable – at times, they show a clear preference in what clothes interest them, while some times they couldn’t care less – or so one thought. KidSense 2006, a study constituted by Disney and GroupM, indicates that not only are kids deeply interested in what they wear, but they have marked brand preferences too in this category.

The study indicates that over 84 per cent of kids are developing into image conscious individuals – both boys and girls contributing equally to this number. In fact, nearly 80 per cent of kids in the 4-7 age group show interest in what their wear, while nearly 60 per cent have shown a clear preference to wearing readymade garments.

The study shows that 34 per cent keenly look out for readymade garment ads, while 60 per cent pay close attention to the ads that attract them – the Southern markets showing higher numbers.

Based on what they see, 67 per cent kids assert that they create preferred brands for themselves and almost 70 per cent communicate their image needs to their parents. In fact, these kids are keen to participate in their image enhancement exercise, meaning accompanying their parents when they go shopping.

A healthy quotient of 62 per cent is curious to know which brands are under consideration and 60 per cent kids recommend a purchase option to their parent. Almost 70 per cent kids are emotional about which brand is finally bought – the numbers again largely coming from markets like Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Chandigadh. 66 per cent of these kids believe that their parents will listen to them when it comes to the final purchase.

The study clearly shows that kids are image conscious and readymade garments are the key ‘image accessory’.

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