Kids Kellogg’s launches kids’ engagement marketing campaign for Chocos

Kellogg’s launches kids’ engagement marketing campaign for Chocos

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Wednesday, Dec 21,2005 7:27 AM

Kellogg’s launches kids’ engagement marketing campaign for Chocos

Kellogg’s has always created advertising that has used animation and kids. Chocos, the ‘chocolatey’ breakfast cereal from Kellogg’s, has been making good ground by using a kid engagement model for advertising. It recently unveiled a two-part communication model aimed at increasing kids’ involvement with Chocos through an interactive and exciting adventure called ‘Chocomanjaro Adventure’.

The first part of this interactive ad is based on revealing an adventure and was launched about 10 days ago. In the adventure Coco and his gang are going on a ‘Chocos treasure hunt’ to Mount Chocomanjaro, but there is danger, fun and excitement at every turn. Crafty Croc (crocodile) also wants the irresistible Chocos treasure. He changes the direction board to mislead Coco and gang. Thus, Coco and gang find themselves at the dead end on a cliff. Somehow they have to reach the treasure on the other side of the valley. The TVC asks kids to help reach the treasure. Kids can thus write back, SMS or go online and rescue Coco and gang.

This first part will now aid the second television commercial. Kids have to choose the best option to help Coco from the three options given in the first commercial. Based on the kid’s solution, the adventure will be completed. The most liked option will be later aired on TV. It will feature the solution and completion of the adventure and the TVC will be on air from next month. JWT has partnered Kellogg’s in creating these advertisements.

Kalyan Bandyopadhyay, Director Marketing, Kellogg’s, said, “I think this interactive way is a first as far as India is concerned. This is perhaps a very novel and a unique idea for us to establish a strong interaction between the kids and the brand. We are getting engaging response from the kids and it is very exciting. This second commercial will be written, conceived and completed by kids.”

The target consumers for this adventure are kids in the age group of 5-12 years in the SEC AB in the top six metros. The first 1,000 entries will get Kellogg goodies.

Kellogg has been in the Indian market for over a decade and claims to be the first player to make a concerted effort to create awareness and fuel growth in the category through innovation and communicating the nutrition values to Indian consumers. The cereal major leads the market with about 75 per cent value share of a rapidly growing category.

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