Kids Disney, Barbie out to woo every little princess

Disney, Barbie out to woo every little princess

Author | Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia | Tuesday, Aug 30,2005 8:02 AM

Disney, Barbie out to woo every little princess

Marketers know very well how to woo all audiences with special initiatives and unique contests. A case in point is the girl child segment. After the impossibly proportioned, yet immensely popular Barbie dolls, Doy has associated itself with Disney channel for ‘The Little Princess’ contest.

“As the young girl in India has had very few choices so far, ‘Disney Princess’ brings a whole new beautiful world of love, innocence and dreams into the lives of every little princess,” explained Tushar Shah, Director, Marketing and Communications, Walt Disney Television International (India).

Elaborating on the contest Shah said, “‘The Little Princess’ hunt is all about capturing the girls’ vivid imagination and offering them a channel to fulfill their dreams. We believe that every girl is a princess and in this case, painting is just a medium to enable her to express the fairytale world she lives in. The ‘Disney Princess’ brand brings the beloved princesses – Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White – from Disney’s classic animated films together in a collection of products, entertainment and interactive experiences. Disney is building the franchise into an evergreen fantasy brand, inspiring girls to dream.” The campaign is a nationwide one and hence, even the rural girl child will be reached.

Quite a bit of action is also seen woven around Barbie – the icon for so many girls all across India. Nanette D’sa, Vice-President, Marketing, Mattel Toys India Pvt Ltd, gave an idea of the activities around Barbie, “August has been a very special month for little girls. We’ve had a full week of Barbie movies on Cartoon Network, a very special contest where girls could win fabulous prizes and several events at stores. There are also two big ranges launched – ‘Fashion Fever’ and ‘Cindrella’.”

While ‘Fashion Fever’ is a range of hi-fashion and stunning Barbie dolls with accessories, Barbie as ‘Cindrella’ is a range of dolls that brings alive the magic of Cindrella with six amazing products and also includes a special vanity set.

Throwing light on the huge popularity that Barbie enjoyed, D’sa said, “Barbie is the Numero Uno brand for girls across the world and in India, too. She stands for everything a girl would like to be when she grows up. Girls connect with Barbie in an intense relationship that is both special and enduring.”

Barbie is promoted through channels and in India, the movies around Barbie are aired on Cartoon Network. The Barbie Special in August was a Raksha Bandan special on Cartoon Network.

With so much to woo the girl child segment, little boys may feel a bit left out. However, D’sa assured that, “There are several action heroes for boys and amongst them Mattel has products around Justice League, Batman, He Man. Across the world there are several other characters and programmes that boys connect with and Mattel has plans to expand its range to include the latest and the best of these, like we do across the world.”

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