Kids Chutti TV hits airwaves; Sun Network to launch three more children’s channels

Chutti TV hits airwaves; Sun Network to launch three more children’s channels

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Wednesday, May 02,2007 8:47 AM

Chutti TV hits airwaves; Sun Network to launch three more children’s channels

Kalanithi Maran’s Sun Network, which almost enjoys numero uno status in south Indian satellite television space with a host of entertainment, music and news channels, is now looking at consolidating the regional children’s channel space with the launch of Chutti, a 24-hour children’s channel which hit the airwaves on April 29. The media behemoth is also planning to add three more children’s channels in Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam to its bouquet by the end of 2007.

Work is underway for three other three children’s channel and by the end of 2007, Sun Network would be the dominant regional language children’s channel player, said Priya Madhu, Head, Programming, Chutti TV. She added that other children’s channels would not be exact prototypes of Chutti TV; on the contrary, they would be customised to suit the needs the respective regions.

When asked whether regional children’s channel is a viable option, Madhu said that considering the diversified taste and requirements of children living in different parts of the country, regional channels are necessary to cater to audiences living in different parts of the country.

“We are very excited about the fact that this region has its own children’s channel,” Madhu said, and added that it is necessary to get the essence of the region right for any channel to thrive. Speaking about the response from the advertisers, she said there is a great deal of curiosity, excitement, interest and encouragement from advertising fraternity. The channel’s look and feel in the morning will be very young, while it would feature action cartoon by late evening.

Speaking about the programming strategy, Madhu said that everything would be fun with a touch of responsibility, whether they are talks shows or debates. Chutti TV has not included any programming that would be bloody, gory, violent, which could disturb a child’s mind.

Speaking about the response to the channel, Madhu said that the initial response has been tremendous. “We have little children who are hooked onto Chutti TV, while the older children are repeating the tagline of the channel ‘Idu Yenga Area’, which translates into ‘This is my area’.”

“More than urban areas, it was the interior region of Tamil Nadu which craved for a kid’s channel, and this comes as major relief for them,” Madhu added.

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