Kids Child experts endorse Pogo programming

Child experts endorse Pogo programming

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Saturday, Mar 13,2004 7:44 AM

Child experts endorse Pogo programming

Pogo, the recently launched television channel for children, says it has got the stamp of approval from educators, psychiatrists and child psychologists for its programming. In a recently commissioned study by the channel, these three groups of experts who help shape child development gave their opinion on the programming being beamed by the Zee Turner channel.

Mr Pradeep Hejmadi, Director, Research, Turner International India Pvt Ltd, told Business Line that the specialists have confirmed that Pogo's day-part programming for young children is a "unique blend of education and entertainment in a safe and clean environment."

The study, conducted in January this year, involved two sessions with each specialist, the first being an in-depth interview on what was currently being viewed by children and second to get their specialist views on the shows airing on Pogo. The findings show that most of the programming has "elements with over-riding negatives" such as stereotyping (where men and women have fixed roles to play), clutter (too many relationships, implied meanings that confuse the child), fast pace and exposure to negative emotions very early in life. According to them, what is actually needed is programming with basic themes that are in tune with the child's cognitive development, positive themes, programmes that are easy to comprehend, emphasis on repetition, limited use of fast-moving images and programmes that begin and close in the same show.

The specialists also clarified that programming should be activity-oriented (make them sing, dance, etc), should have bright colours and have a central character that they can identify with. "And when we showed them four of Pogo's shows, they felt that all four fulfilled these requirements," said Mr Hejmadi.

The teachers in the group felt that repetition in programming is necessary to reinforce the message that is being conveyed. In addition, it should also be presented in a fun `n learn kind of environment.

Called `Straight from the Experts,' the study involved 15 high-profile practitioners in the field of education and psychology from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

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