Kids Cartoon Network seeks to demystify the New Generation

Cartoon Network seeks to demystify the New Generation

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Apr 30,2008 8:22 AM

Cartoon Network seeks to demystify the New Generation

India’s ‘New Generation’ in the 7-14 age group are wired, concerned about climate changes, want peace, and a whopping 74 per cent kids chose India as their favourite country over America. Cartoon Network’s New Generations survey, which was conducted across 14 cities, sure is an eye opener.

The survey covered kids and their parents in SEC A, B and C towns and cities to find out more about their values and attitudes, preferences, media habits, favourite icons, pocket money, etc. The New Generations survey was conducted over six weeks and concluded in December 2007.

Duncan Morris, VP-Research and Marketing Development, Turner International Asia Pacific Ltd, said, “Concerns become causes to the young once they embrace them. New Generations showcases that global warming, desire for peace, and saving endangered species, among others, have emerged as important issues for Indian kids. As the resident kids’ expert and trailblazer, Cartoon Network has always been close to its core audience and hence, has succeeded in identifying even the most subtle changes in the kids’ mindset.”

According to the findings of the New Generations survey, 84 per cent kids have access to mobile phones, 44 per cent to DVD players, 38 per cent to videogames. 98 per cent kids like to watch television daily. 67 per cent kids feel too much of their time was spent studying. 25 per cent kids read the newspaper on a daily basis. 36 per cent kids received pocket money from their parents. On an average, kids received Rs 193 per month as pocket money. This apart, kids also got an average of Rs 700 annually as gift. 56 per cent kids and their parents traveled on vacation.

And this would be heartening for every Indian – 74 per cent kid chose India as their favourite country as compared to America and Australia. Majority of kids and their parents are concerned about global warming and preferred buying environment-friendly products. 34 per cent kids voted for peace and end of violence in India; 32 per cent kids voted for elimination of poverty and hunger from India; and 25 per cent kids would like to help reduce environmental problems and save endangered species.

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