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Kids Cartoon Network looks into kids’ lifestyle from different angles

Cartoon Network looks into kids’ lifestyle from different angles

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Tuesday, Sep 21,2004 8:06 AM

Cartoon Network looks into kids’ lifestyle from different angles

Cartoon Network has released its fifth in-depth study on the living habits of Indian kids coming from SEC A and B. It’s an established fact that kids are the chief propellers when it comes to consumer behaviour and, keeping this in view, the leading cartoon channel undertook adequate research in this realm during May-June 2004 covering 14 centres and 6,412 respondents, out of which 3,206 were children in the age group of 7-14 years and rest half comprised mothers. The study is titled, New Generations 2004.

Referring to the contents of the study, Duncan Morris, Vice President, Research, Turner International, Asia Pacific, stated, “New Generations 2004 is developed on the wealth of information contained in previous surveys with the addition of new insights into kids’ behaviour and preferences. This research is sure to be of great help to anyone with a focus on this under-researched demographic group, and will serve as a comprehensive reference guide to kids in India today.”

Interestingly, Cartoon Network, Pogo and Star Plus emerged as the top three most favourite channels amongst kids across the six metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad), with preference shares of 52 per cent, 15 per cent and eight per cent respectively. On being asked about their top three television genres, 86 per cent of children voted for cartoons, while 36 per cent preferred sports and 30 per cent went for comedy serials. Amongst boys, sports ranked second with 50 per cent votes while girls opted for comedy serials (33 per cent) after cartoons. As the study says, 42 per cent kids like humour when it comes to television commercials, while 22 per cent prefer music and 15 per cent want to see ads featuring their favourite movie stars.

The research reflects achieving good grades in school stands very important to around 90 per cent of the respondents while 78 per cent believe staying fit is equally important. For 69 per cent of children studied, being praised by parents and teachers was very important. Taking a look at the computer exposure pattern, the study finds computer usage highest in Mumbai with 81 per cent having used computers in the three months preceding the survey, followed by 78 per cent in Lucknow and 76 per cent in Ludhiana.

Talking about the icons, 22 per cent of respondents choose Shah Rukh Khan as their favourite actor, while 16 per cent are fond of Priety Zinta. Sachin Tendulkar was the all-India favourite sports star with 60 per cent votes.

In the section, titled ‘Slice of Life’, it was found that 92 per cent of the mothers interviewed in Ahmedabad said their families were vegetarians, as against a three per cent in Kolkata. Mumbai is in the fourth position with 64 per cent vegans. Tracking the family patterns, the study found 42 per cent of mothers in Jaipur representing a joint family, with 39 per cent in Lucknow and 37 per cent in Cochin. Mumbai stands at number 10 with only 22 per cent of mothers living in joint family.

However, cricket dominates the sports preference of Indian kids with 56 per cent votes; 69 per cent of girls and boys enjoy watching the game. Profession of a doctor tops the ambition for 30 per cent boys, while 44 per cent girls want to pursue a career in medical science. While 22 per cent girls wanted to become a teacher and eight per cent engineers, 17 per cent boys chose engineering as their dream career while eight per cent opted to be a pilot.

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