Kids Britannia launches search for the genius kid

Britannia launches search for the genius kid

Author | Ashish Singh | Friday, Apr 23,2004 8:39 AM

Britannia launches search for the genius kid

A race for a staggering cash prize worth Rs 50 lakh is soon to begin as STAR World, joining hands with Britannia India, kicks off an indigenously produced 27-episode weekly, Britannia India’s Child Genius - the search for India’s smartest Kid.

How smart? “It fits very well with our branding – ‘Eat Healthy, Think Better’ and also connects with the primary target audience: the children,” said Naveen Chopra, General Manager, Marketing, Britannia Industries, which holds a 46% share in value and 40% in volumes in Indian children food product industry.

Referring to the programme, Sameer Nair, C00, STAR India, said: “Today parents are highly involved in their children’s education and through this show we will attract a lot of family viewership. This is also the most expensive India-centric show for STAR World, enforcing its positioning as the leading English channel with premium content.”

STAR World first announced the show in January 2004. Applications were invited through on-air promos on the STAR Network. And, only those who had scored over 80% consistently in their school exams over the last two years were eligible to apply. We received nearly 20,000 applications. On the basis of their marks, the number of applicants was reduced to 5000, with the cut-off percentage varying from region to region, being around 90% in all regions. These 5000 took a written test held in 25 centres across the country and 500 top scorers were qualified for the next stage where they were interviewed over telephone. The kids were evaluated on parameters like conversational skills, personality, fluency with the English language etc. The final 320 participants were chosen on the basis of the written test and the telephonic interview.

Famed quizmaster and Synergy founder, Siddhartha Basu would host the show. “Today’s kids are bursting with thoughts and ideas; they are willing to discover new things and are full of emotions, making it a fantastic platform for competition. Only the children who are naturally curious, good readers, reasonably retentive, read and enjoy encyclopedias, refer to dictionaries, know where to look for information, have fundamentally sound concepts and can apply them, those are the children who will do well in this show,” Basu said.

This programme also gives you a sneak peak into the original FOX format ‘Challenge of the Child Genuises - Who’s the smartest kid in America’ – a show that featured child prodigies of the US.

So, kids or wannabe lakhpati kids, Eat Healthy-Think Better, and prepare yourself to face the grilling session on STAR and be a star kid.

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